New Customer Disconnect Center
Frequently Asked Questions
In an effort to better serve you we have made several new enhancements to the Disconnect process. Below is a list of frequently asked questions that can assist you in processing your request.
Why did Lumen change the Disconnect Form?
Based off feedback from you, the customer, we wanted to make your disconnect experience simple while providing different options to better serve your unique needs.
What information is needed for a Request?
Information required can vary depending on the type of request in which you are trying to process. However, there are a few things that you will need to provide regardless of your request type. They include Billing Account Number (forms contain directions on where to find this), Billing Account Name, Requestor Name, Requestor Phone Number, and Requestor E-mail Address.
What are the different request types available?
Port Voice Services: This option allows you to obtain more information on porting voice services. Please Do Not submit a disconnect request for voice services that are being ported to a new carrier as you may experience an outage of services. However, if there are data services associated with the ported voice services a disconnect request will need to be submitted for those.
Disconnect Billing Account: This option allows you to disconnect ALL services on an individual billing account. If disconnecting ALL services on multiple accounts a disconnect request for each billing account must be submitted.
Disconnect Specific Services on a Billing Account: This option allows you to disconnect SPECIFIC services on an individual billing account. You have the option to use the form to submit up to twenty services using the add row / delete row function. In the event that there are over twenty services we have provided template to allow for additional services to be entered. Simply click on the "Click Here for Template" hyperlink above the Add Row button on the form. Use the Special Instructions section for any additional information that is needed in order to process your request. Please do not add additional service ids here.
Revise or Cancel Disconnect Request: This option allows you to submit a revision or cancellation for a prior disconnect request. When cancelling or revising a disconnect request, list the specific service ids or enter ALL if the cancellation pertains to all services on the previous request.
Status Request: We now offer the ability to conveniently request updates on a prior disconnect. Upon submission an analyst will communicate with you the progress of your disconnect.
DFOC: Disconnect Firm Order Commitment. The service you are terminating involves an Off-Net component, and in order for us to complete the disconnect order and avoid continued billing related to the third party services, you are required to provide Lumen with DFOC information.
There are a few things that you will need to provide if your service involves an Off-Net component:
ECCKT - Exchange Company (Vendor) Circuit ID: ECCKT or the Exchange Company Circuit ID is the ID of the circuit provided by your vendor for disconnect.
Order Number: Order number is the Order ID provided by your vendor that corresponds with the disconnect request for the circuit indicated.
Vendor Firm Order Commitment (FOC) Date: Vendor Firm Order Commitment (FOC) Date is the date your vendor committed to having the circuit indicated disconnected.
How will I know my request has been received?
Upon clicking the submit button on a disconnect request you will receive a pop up confirmation confirming the request you are about to submit. You can cancel your request or click ok to submit your request. Upon submission of each type of request you will get a confirmation page that confirms exactly what you will be submitting to Lumen. Once a case is created in our systems you will also receive a separate email confirmation along with a case number for tracking purposes.
If You Still Have Questions
In the event that you still have questions or need further assistances please call 1-877-453-8353 (Billing Issue - Option 2, then Option 1) or email We would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.